Making Hammerhead

Here is how I made this picture, surprisingly enough it didn't involve photoshopping the hammer in that position. 



I started with a crappy old hammer and cut the claws off with a hacksaw.



 Then I drilled a hole in the head of the hammer.

Then I glued a metal rod into the hole (and hoped it was in there at the right angle).



Next I supported the hammer by attaching the rod to a metal pole.



next I set up a camera at just the right angle and position so that the horizontal rod was out of sight behind the head of the hammer. I used an iphone on a tripod and used the rear camera, so I could see the camera view.




Sitting in a chair, I positioned myself so that the stub of the claws were in contact with my head, with my head hiding the vertical rod. 



Then I set the timer on the camera and made an annoyed face and tried to hold it while the timer counted down. 

When I got a shot that worked, I used a computer paint program to add some blood.

The truly crazy thing about this little project is that although I was totally winging it and had no idea if the whole thing would work, everything worked perfectly the first time! I've spent more time cooking dinner that it took to do this whole thing. There was no Murphy anywhere at all that afternoon!